Summerside Forward – Electric Vehicles and Car Sharing

Summerside is exploring the potential of an Electric Vehicle to Grid/Car (EV2Gr) Sharing program as well as Fleet Management Services for the City that integrates innovative programs within the community for the global benefit of both the organization and citizens of Summerside. By creating an “Electric Vehicle/Fleet/Grid Program” (EV2Gr) Summerside hopes to establish itself as a global leader in transportation infrastructure integrating renewable energy.

As part of this initiative the City is replacing some of its existing fleet with all-electric vehicle’s. City staff will utilize these vehicles during normal business hours.  Going one step further, the City is exploring the possibility of potentially making these vehicles available during off business hours to the public car share program and as part of the Ev/Grid initiative. This means citizens and visitors can utilize the vehicles for personal use as a part of the car sharing initiative.

The City has engaged various industry stakeholders to help research, develop, design and determine a potential implementation and operational plan to help launch this initiative in Summerside.

So what is Car Sharing?

Car sharing is about access to a car when you need one providing the option to not have to own a car.  Easy, reliable, self-service access for members to a fleet of vehicles – 24/7 on an hourly, daily and weekly basis.  A Car Share car can become your second car without the burden of ownership.

The Car Share Program’s primary objectives are:

  • Identify the technology requirements to execute the Program
  • Developing the EV Car Share program
  • Develop a day-to-day management plan
  • Developing the EV/Fleet management program
  • Grid Integration Program
  • Raise public awareness of EVs and Car Share Programs