Entrepreneurial Summerside

Recognizing a strong entrepreneurial spirit in our community is important; understanding how to cultivate it is equally important. With this in mind, in May  SEDO provided an opportunity for stakeholders engaged in fostering entrepreneurial activity to attend the Start-UP Canada Institute, a series of seminars with international experts on entrepreneurial trends, growth, finance and education. The Institute’s program served as a kickstart for us locally, facilitating a common understanding and another opportunity to work together to reach our common goal of helping great business ideas become reality.

Going forward, we will be working towards ensuring that entrepreneurial businesses and individuals are well serviced, whether it is as a first-time entrepreneur, a serial entrepreneur, or a business that is looking to develop a new business stream. We are also looking to develop improved communications on entrepreneurial activity, celebrating successes and sharing the learning experiences.

So if your idea is ready for the next step, get in touch today; call (902) 432-1331 or email nancy@city.summerside.pe.ca.