17 amazing places to travel in 2017 – PEI is #5 Worldwide!

Recently Orbitz online posted the following touting PEI as in the top 5 places to travel. We invite you to come out to Prince Edward Island and see what we have to offer.

Remember when we derided our neighbor to the north as a funny little cultural backwater? That’s because we hadn’t bothered to visit. Then word got out that cities like Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver were just as cool as their U.S. counterparts, the natural landscapes in provinces like British Columbia, Alberta and elsewhere just as beautiful and the people just as friendly—if not more so. Over the years, the Canadian dollar has waxed and waned against ours but it just so happens to be weak enough right now that the entire country is basically 25% off. Our top recs? Banff National Park is staggeringly beautiful, Queen Street West is Toronto’s hippest ‘hood, Montreal never goes out of style and Prince Edward Island in summertime is simply sublime.

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